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Galvanic tin plating

The company Blex, a.s. was established in 1919. The main manufacturing program is kitchenware. We metal plate our products in one of the biggest automatic machines in Central Europe, from the company Schlötter. This galvanic line specializes in suspension surface finish - nickel and tin. The goods that have passed through the line are characterised by their high polish, no adverse effect on food and excellent quality. No adverse effect on food is guaranteed by the purity of tin anodes (99,99) and it is regularly and successfully tested. The Sn coating is not influenced by effects of the salt-spray cabinet, the goods being tested for 720 hours.

We pride ourselves in these results thanks to the tradition and experience of our employees, who have been working in our plant for dozens of years and who pass on their experience in the course of everyday practise.

The Schlötter automatic metal-plating machine was installed on our premises almost thirty years ago. In 2001, it went through complete renovation and modernization, thanks to which it is now one of the most advanced such machines not only in the Czech Republic. Through regular service inspections and the use of high quality products in its operation, we provide our customers with high quality metal plating.


Following thorough degreasing of all products in degreasing baths, the goods are nickel-plated. Thereby one achieves base hardness, levelling of microscopic protrusions and anticorrosive protection. The nickel layer depends on customer requirements, on average, it is about 3 µM of Ni. Another stage of metal-plating is high polish tin-plating, which covers the nickel base. Tin is well known for its purity and for having no adverse effect on food. It also has good conductivity qualities, for which it is valued both in the electrical and the automobile industry. The metal-plating layer 15 µM.


  • tradition

  • quality 

  • reliability

  • price

Thanks to our size and capacity, we can offer our customers favourable prices while maintaining quality.

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