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About us

Our Company BLEX  is a manufacturer of bakeware and kitchen tools since 1919. Since 1996, when the company had been fully privatised, it has been a very successful company that exports to more than 55 countries all over the world. Especially in Europe – Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Austria,…Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Russia,….. The number of  employee is 90 in the present time.

BLEX provides a wide assortment of products:
- tin plated strainers, colanders, cooking preparation tools, ladles, scoops
- cake moulds (all shapes and sizes) made of bright tinned steel sheet
- non-stick bakeware with Teflon® Classic coating

The production mill operates with one of the largest galvanic machinery in Europe based on Schlötter (Germany) technology. 

In 1997 BLEX succeed in quality testing made by the company DuPont and obtained the Marketer License Agreement to use the Seal TEFLON® with bakeware /ovenware.

All the products are of a very high quality. The material for the production has been purchasing mainly abroad e.g. Steel sheet from US Steel (Europe branch office), steel sheet with Teflon® coating from England and chemicals from company Schlötter – Germany.

We are ready to fulfil any of our customer´s wishes. We assure high quality products and services and also provide special labelling and packing if a customer requires.

The policy of our company is the emphasis on  high quality of all products and great customer service.

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